Measurement of drugs in Animals

Measurement of drugs for Animal
Since we are all busy or find it difficult to find the right equipment to measure the right dosage to use for our animal,  we often over dose them with drugs or underdose our animals . 
Either way have an effects on the animals. 
If you overdose your animal,  the animal might dies from overdose.
If you underdose your animal,  the animal might grow resistance to the drug,.
How do you know the right measure of drug you wish to administer to your animal? 
Bring out a baby spoon.Or that small tiny tea spoon.  
Yes,  a baby spoon can contain 5ml of liquid and at the same time contain 5g of Salt(this is equivalent to powder drug) 
A medium Or the next bigger  spoon can contain 10 ml of liquid and 10g of drug powder
If you have a drug powder that fill up your palm hand, not including the fingers. 
The Palm is that little area of your hand where all the five fingers are connected,  the palm is that space in your hand where you have the lines.. 
A palm full of Salt is equivalent to 50g
So,  when measuring something or when trying to administer drug please take the above measurement into consideration.