Respiratory Disease in Chicken

Respiratory Disease in Chicken 
Respiratory disease in chicken leads to chronic respiratory disease if not taken care of. 
Ofcourse, you may loose your birds while trying to look for solutions. 
Respiratory disease in chicken start from the management, good food,  good water and general hygiene. 
Poultry chicken business would have been a good business but the disease or problems in chicken often look alike. 
Am not here to give you solutions but am here to give you inspirations.
Many people don’t know that birds have cold and catarrh,  yes.  To raise chicken you have to think like chicken. 
Causes of Respiratory disease in chicken 
Let’s start with brooding aspect of chicken,  don’t use a dusty materials ranging from saw dust,  too dusty food.  Chicken nose is too close to the mouth and too small,  the dust will block the nose and the chicken will have difficulty in breathing leading to respiratory disease. 
If your chicken are adult,  they are also susceptible to dust,  I remember my farm is very close to the road and the government was repairing the road, did you believe that my birds are having cough because of the dust from the road. So please make sure you raise your chicken Inna dust free environment,  make sure you don’t give them a feed that is too dusty.  The feed must be marshy like sand. 
Rain and Cold
Make sure rain don’t beat your chicken,  always ensure that your poultry house is not leaking, if your chicken is having cold,  sooner or later they would have cough and catarrh and lead to difficulty in breathing,  respiratory disease. 
When it’s raining cover the pen from breeze coming from the rain. Try and keep them warm. 
There are some disease that looks or may causes respiratory disease.

Fowl cholera
Avian Coryzer
Worms: when chicken have worms,  most times they gasp for air. Deform them
You can use a strong anti biotic or anti inflammatory and it would go. 
Am not here to describe drugs. 
Natural solution to respiratory disease.
What I use when I have tried all the drug and it doesn’t work, 
I look for ” ATA GBIGBE ” or ” KONOFURU”  or ATA GINGU or Ginger and garlic
I grinned it and and mixed it with their food, not too much 
I mixed it with their morning food, make sure they eat it finished and give them ordinary food in the afternoon with no mixture. .
I gave them multivitamin because the food would be hot and pepperish somehow. 
That’s all about respiratory disease in chicken