Treatment of Lice / Tick / Mite in Chicken

Treatment of Lice / Tick / Mite in Chicken
Many are facing a lot of problem on this issue and they don’t know where to go and who to meet on treatment of their chicken. 
Lice are insects with no wings but live on the skin of animals. They look like small black dots on the skin and attached themselves to the feathers of chicken  .
Some lice feed on the skin (surface of the skin)  while others suck fluid through the skin. 
Signs of lice on chicken 
Chicken with lice have skin irritation,  they scratch their body often
They don’t eat well
The look thinner 
Treatment of Lice in Chicken 
Separation of infected Chicken from others
Use of spray insecticide on the skin of chicken  
Causes of lice in Chicken 
Poor management in terms of cleaning,  good food and water, clean environment 
Overcrowding also causes lice 
Mites in chicken 
They causes irritation to birds, birds with red mite do not grow like others,  some chicken even die. 
Red mite spread fowl pic and other disease. 
Scaly leg mites are often seen in some chicken and the affected chicken can’t walk properly 
Treatment of Red mites / Mites 
You can treat red mites with insecticide  dusting powder 
Sometimes the insecticide might not reach the mites,  so it is advisable to scrub ,scrub it first before applying it on the chicken .
You can apply liquid insecticide,  scrub their leg and dip it in a liquid insecticide. 
If it’s on the skin,  in case of mite/lice on the feather,  you can spray them with insecticide.. 
You can use a hand spray to do that.