Maggot production

Maggot production

Have you been looking for this article and you can’t find it?  Want to learn how to produce maggot but don’t know how?


Sit tight as I released the secret of maggot production,  you can use it For your fish,  your chicken,  pigs, and other animals.

You can harvest it,  cook it,  dry it and turn it to powder and mix it for your broilers and chicken to make them extra large and heavy.

Maggot is all time protein,  very delicious

Let’s go to maggot production in detail.


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Maggotry is the act of producing a large quantity of maggot to substitute fishmeal in feed production and also to increase protein contents in animal production.

Maggots are highly proteinous with high nutrients that facilitate the growth of farm animals. The use of maggots as fish feed and bird production reduces the cost of input and increases profit, due to their rapid growth.

Maggot can be gotten in two ways


✓odour maggot production

✓odourless maggot production.

How to Prepare Odour Production


* Paint bucket

* Mosquito net

* Salt

* Mosquito net filter.


✓ Get a paint bucket.

✓ Get fowl dropping (Broilers dropping)

✓ Pack them on the bucket, and let it be at the half of the bucket.

✓ sprinkle water on it to be very moisturized.

✓ keep in a cool place for 3days, when you notice a smaller maggot on the bucket.

✓ Drive away all the flies and cover them with the mosquito net.

✓ Allow it to be there for another 2days, you will notice that the bucket has filled to the beam with the maggot.


* Boil hot water, and pour into a paint bucket.

* Pack the maggot in a different paint bucket containing the hot water and the salt.

* Allow the maggot to be on the bucket, and cover it firmly for 30minuties and open.

* You will see that ball the maggot has died and floated on top of the hot water.

* Pack the maggot with the mosquito net filter into a container.

At this stage, you can use them to feed your fingerlings fish.

NB; Always cook odour maggot very well before giving it to your birds direct, don’t give uncooked odour maggot to your birds to avoid disease transfer to other birds.