Best Catfish Feed Formulas To Boost Your Fish Growth

Best Catfish Feed Formulas To Boost Your Fish Growth

Welcome to Nagro Farms, in this article we will be sharing with you a few Catfish Feed Formula tips to enable you fast track the growth of your fishes in order for them to be market ready.


Due to a knowledge gap, catfish feed formulation has proven to be a difficult and challenging subject for many farmers. Due to the prohibitive price of imported feeds, it is challenging to prepare fish feed at home due to a lack of experience.

A local feed production facility can cut the cost of feeding by 40%. Approximately 70% of the money spent by the farmers goes into feeding, which accounts for the largest percentage of the cost of production.

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Feed production would be simple if farmers knew which formula would work best for them. Farmers must also understand how to experiment with local ingredients in order to reduce their reliance on imported feeds. When you understand this, you will be able to reap the full benefits of catfish farming.


It is crucial to understand the ingredients required to produce high-quality fish feed. Today, we’ll look at the best formula or formulas for producing quality feed for your catfish. The formulas we have are available in your local market.

Best Catfish Feed Formulas To Boost Your Fish Growth

Below are some of the catfish feed formulas to help you grow your fish.

Formula #1

Ingredients Quantity (kg)
Soybean meal 30kg
Maize 25kg
Groundnut cake 20kg
Fish meal (75%) 25kg
Methionine 0.1
Lysine 0.1
Fish premix 0.5
Vitamin C 0.1
Salt 0.2
Dicalcium phosphate (DCP) 1
Total 105 kg

catfish feed formula 1


Formula #2

Ingredients Quantity (kg)
Cassava flakes (Garri) 0.5kg
Broiler super starter 1.5kg
Extracted GMC 1kg
Wheat offal 0.5kg
maize 1.5kg
Soybean meal 1.5kg
Fish meals 1kg
Vegetable oil Small quantity
Total 8 kg
catfish feed formula 2

Formula #3

Ingredients Quantity (kg)
Cassava flakes (Garri) 10kg
Broiler super starter 50kg
Soybean meal 10kg
Vegetable oil ½ kg
maize 5kg
Total 80 kg

Catfish Feed Formula 3

Cost And Profit Of The Available Ingredients

Cost is very important to choose the ingredients and formula for your feeds. Low-cost ingredients help keep the cost of production down and give you more profits.

However, one should also consider the benefits(profits) of choosing an ingredient despite the cost. You might decide to opt for a local fish meal instead of the costly 72% fish meal to reduce the cost. You can then decide to use other plant protein sources like Soymeal and GNC.

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Four Major Nutrients Needed in Catfish Feed For Optimal Performance

There are four(4) major nutrients that must be present in a catfish feed for optimal performance. They are

1. Protein

This class of nutrients is required for building body tissue and the replacement of damaged tissue. It helps in fish growth. It can be obtained from plant and animal sources. Examples are Groundnut cake and Bloodmeal respectively. Methionine is also a protein.

2. Energy (Carbohydrate)

This class of nutrients provides the energy needed by catfishes for living. Grains of cereals and tubers like cassava are the major source of this nutrient.

3Vitamins and Minerals

This class of nutrition controls growth, health, and body process. Examples of vitamins are Vit C, Vitamin B-complex, Minerals include Iron, copper, Magnesium, Calcium

4. Fat and oils

Fat contains vital fatty acids and also enhances energy in the feed. An example is PKC-Palm Kernel Cake.


When you use the proper equipment and feed, starting a catfish farm is an easy process. Seventy percent of fish farming expenses are for feeding.

In order to save money, it is crucial to learn how to produce catfish feed. We have presented the top three catfish farming formulae in order to maximize profits and complete the necessary fish development on your farm.