How Long Does It Take For Catfish To Grow?

How Long Does It Take For Catfish To Grow?

If you have the resources, it is not difficult to start your own catfish farming business in Nigeria. Growing catfish to table size, marketing, and selling them for a profit constitute catfish farming. Many people have entered and exited this profitable business for various reasons. Some have been successful at it and have made sizable profits, while others have failed and have given up completely.


However, more people in Nigeria want to enter the catfish farming industry, and they want to do it properly. Hence, these people frequently ask questions. These people inquire what they need to do to run a profitable catfish business because they want to be successful and make a profit.

This would provide an answer to the question of how long catfish takes to grow. 

Because different buyers are served by different fish farming operations, and each takes a different amount of time to produce,

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Different Sizes of Catfish and How Long It Takes To Grow Them

Here is a list of some fish buyers and sellers along with the length of time required for catfish to reach the desired sizes.


Fingerlings and juveniles are produced by the hatchers.

They purchase catfish breeding stock.

Catfish older than a year old are referred to as broodstock.


These artificially coupled male and female broodstock are then sold to other farmers as fingerlings and juveniles.

As a result, if you ask a hatcher how long it takes catfish to grow for his business, he will likely say that it only takes him four to six weeks, or at most two months, to get his juveniles big enough to sell.

Rearers Of Melange

Another person simply wants to purchase these juveniles and mix them.

Melange is a catfish weighing 200–500 grams.

Some people grow their fish to these sizes before selling them. He probably has smoked fish buyers in mind (chief among them the hausas), who prefer smaller fish because larger ones won’t dry out properly in the heat. Actually, they prefer a perfect dry on the fish.

As a result, three months after receiving the juveniles, his fish are mature enough to be sold as mélange.

Pepper Soup Restaurants

Another person wants to sell to restaurants that serve pepper soup, and these restaurants would prefer it if the fish were a little bit larger than the mixture they use to smoke them.

The typical lifespan of these fish is three months; two to four weeks. 

The fish must be large enough to fit in their pepper soup bowls without being so large that the customers’ pepper soup becomes unaffordable. 

Despite the fact that some dislike selling fish to market girls. Additionally, they don’t want their fish to grow too large. The size of the table is ideal for them. You can grow catfish to table size in about 4-5 months, when they weigh between 500 and 800g.

Interstate Consumers

Small fish are not popular among those who travel across state lines to buy fish. Their small fish weigh less than one kilogram. They aim for fish that weigh at least 2 or 3 kg. 

Before this time, you would probably see one, two, or more fish in that size already, but since all of the fish are not that size, you can’t say all of your fish are that size. This time estimate is for the smallest fish in the pond to reach that size.

Therefore, we ask you who you want to sell the catfish to when you inquire about the length of time it takes to raise catfish in Nigeria. It will take roughly three months to raise them to smoking size. For restaurants serving pepper soup, that will take about 4 months. Furthermore, that will require 5 months for tablesize. For out-of-state purchasers, that will take 8 to 

These are the tips to consider when asking, “how long does it take for catfish to grow.”