List of drugs for perfect brooding

*List of drugs for perfect brooding*
Want to brood your chicken but don’t know the name of drugs to use?  Look no further,  this article will tell you the name and uses of drugs we used in brooding. 
👉 Cocciostat: anticoccidiosis
Chemical agents:Sulfaquinoxaline and Sulfadimethoxine
Drugs: Vitacox, Pentacox, and any other drugs with these agents.
Drugs: Amprolium 250 or 300WSP
👉 Antibiotic drugs
Chemical Agent: ERYTHROMYCIN, CHLORTETRACYCLINE, NEOMYCIN, STREPTOMYCIN, Colistin, Amoxicillin, Enrofloxacin
Drugs: Coryl-SP ( ERYTHROMYCIN, CHLORTETRACYCLINE, NEOMYCIN, STREPTOMYCIN). Very good for brooding to inhibit CRD, Pneumonia, CORYZA from hatchery.
Drug: Amoxyl-col( Amoxicillin and Colistin) wide spectrum antibiotics that clears all enteritis, gastrointestinal infections, fowl typhoid, fowl cholera e.t.c. very good in brooding and highly tolerated by other drugs.
Drug: Enrocare or any drug with Enrofloxacin is also good in brooding.
Drugs good for brooding
👉AntiCocci – Vitacox or pantacox
👉 Antibiotics – Amoxyl-col, 
👉 Coryl-SP – CRD, Coryza, sneezing, difficult in breathing among young birds.
Vitamins: All powdered vitamins from reputation labs/ manufacturers are highly tolerated. Vitamins such as Albiovit, Amino-total, Vitaflash, vitamitotal and can be combined with these drugs.
Renowned manufacturers you should patronise : KEPRO, ANIMALCARE, DECENCY, and few others.
If you are using AntiCocci, choose one from VITACOX, AMPROLIUM OR PENTACOX.
any of the anticoccidiosis with Sulfaquinoxaline and Amprolium can be combined with any of these antibiotics and a perfect result will be achieved.
Just ensure that your vaccination is effective and you administered the right dosage. 
This list will be updated from time to time.