Introduction to Catfish

Introduction to catfish

This is an introduction to catfish,  we won’t talk much about it but we would talk at length in our subsequent update on catfish.


Having looked throughout the net I couldn’t find a well-convincing update on catfish.

Let’s spare ourselves the history and classification of catfish.

Catfish is one of the biggest agricultural industries in Nigeria as it has no religious limits and general acceptance by all tribes and regions.

Catfish are black head fish and it has a great and good taste in the soup


They are used for rituals by some part of some tribes and are enjoyed for a normal meal.

There are some people who are into the breeding of catfish

Those into the breeding of catfish bring young ones to this world

There are those who are into raising young catfish into adults


While there are others who are into selling catfish,  otherwise known as marketing.



We have those who own a farm and also take part in all of the above ranging from breeding to marketing while some only specialize in one.

Catfish are also in sizes,  with each size comes the name.

We have fry….  Fries (Multiple)  are when fish just hatch or when fish just come out of the egg.  We call them fries because they just look like mosquitoes on the face of the hatchery water.

We have fingerlings…  Fingerlings are the next size after fry.  Fingerlings have small heads and tails.  Standard fingerlings should be about 5-8cm in length.

We have Juvenile,  Juvenile is bigger than fingerlings. They can be long like one of your fingers or longer than your finger.

We have melange … Melange is two to three-month-old catfish which are harvested for smoked catfish.

We have table-size catfish.  These are adult catfish,  they are 5-6months of age and are ready for selling

We have bloodstock.  These are 1year and above old catfish which are used for brooding or bringing small fishes or fry into this world.

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