Reason why Chicken is the Famous Animal For Xmas and the best Alternative

Reason why Chicken is the Famous Animal For Xmas and the best Alternative .
This post is not to condemn anyone’s effort because am also a Farmer. 
These days farming is quite expensive than any other business in Nigeria. 
The questions that begs answer is why is Xmas best known for chicken?  Back in those days,  chicken were not so expensive as now,  as a matter of fact almost everyone can afford it.  
Reason why Chicken is expensive 
Chicken is readily available until when we have variety of breeds that are not our local chicken,  So they want to make a difference by setting a marging in the price difference. 
Other reasons why chicken is expensive is because of poverty,  many people now see it as an escape route.  
So the chicken industry is now polluted with everyone trying to make money from it. 
The cost of feeds is also a factor,  back in those days feed is not as expensive as now. 
When is festive period,  our minds are set on only chicken as if other animals are useless, as if God will punish us if we don’t kill chicken . We greW up with this in mind and we just can’t do without it such that we are passing a chicken legacy to our children and grand children. Xmas is not celebrated if Chicken is not killed. 
Instead of buying a chicken for N10, 000. Why not buy goat? 
Turkey is even more expensive,  I don’t know why birds is expensive than other animals. 
Can’t we buy pig?  Can’t we contribute money and buy pig? 
Can’t we contribute money and buy goat? 
Every animals has their season,  Ram for the Muslims,  chickens for the Christians but you can buy an animal when it’s not its season and that would make it more cheaper.
If you are rearing a local chicken,  you can kill that for your children but hey,  don’t owe money cause of Xmas, old layers too are less expensive. 
Some people eat dogs,  cats,  bush meats,  ducks.  In fact changing of taste and enjoying life in a more new way than the usual.. 
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