Dystocia in Cows

Dystocia in Cows:
Dystocia is when it becomes difficult or impossible for the cow to deliver the calf without assistance. This can happen due to a number of reasons which are:
1.Too small of a cow
2. Big Calf
3. Wrong Position of  calf at calving
4. Poor body condition of the mother
5. Cow giving birth to twins.
Prevention of Dystocia:
The assistance of veterinary must be sourced at all times, however the following management practices are essentials:
1.Select small bull for heifers( cows calving for the first time) when bulling.
2.Bull heifers at the correct age and body weight.
3.Practice good heifer and cow management.
4.Feed pregnant animal up to correct body scoring condition.
NB: Body Scoring Condition (BSC) is a simple technique to assess how thin or fat a cow is on a scale of 1 to 5 , where 1 is extremely thin and 5 is extremely fat. It is a measure of the energy reserves that an individual animal possesses.