Constructing a Poultry House

Constructing a Poultry House
This article is not for professional, it is simply for people who are novice or people who could not understand big grammar in some text and books.
We are not all big scale Farmers, so i am not going to be dropping anything relating to length, breath, dimensions etc.
All these did not matter as to what will be discourse here. 
If we talk about all the dimensions and the rest and you dont have money to construct your poultry house, then it would be a waste of knowledge and a waste of effort on my end.
So, we are going to be talking why and why so so things are in so so ways.
To construct a poultry , some factors needed to be checked.
We know how important the Sun light is, and incase you don’t know click on this Link
We needed the Sun in a poultry House but not too much. 
Too much Sun would increase the temperature of the poultry house thereby leading to stress, stressing of chicken would lead to reduce production or death, we dont want that . 
so in what direction do we need to put our poultry House?
A Poultry House must be in a east to west direction or west to east direction.
 The Longer side of whatever your poultry house may be, the longer side must be facing the where the Sun is rising from. 
So that when the sun shines, the rays of the Sun would shines across nearly half of the poultry house, and as the sun moves the rays of the sun moves gradually and eventually the heat in the poultry house is regulated. 
The Sun would eventually tourches all part of the poultry house by the time the sun would be setting on the west.
 All the Chicken would have felt the sun and the heat. No exceptions.
When constructing your poultry house. Whether big or Small please take note
Dont Forget Air Flow, the poultry House must be made of wiremesh.
As seen in the picture above, this is to reduce heat because chicken don’t havd sweet gland. They are easily affected by heat