Enhancing Broilers Growth Using Coloured light Bulb

Enhancing Broilers Growth Using Coloured Bulb
Research is not stopping, so are we at Nagro
If You have been following us Here, we are trying all we could to help Farmers learned a lot but from what they already know and what they dont.
We have talked about Curry , Onions etc Enhance broiler growth and performances.
Today we want to put our attentions on how to enhancr broiler growth using colored light Bulb.
We have many color, we have yellow, Red, green, blue, white etc just to mention a Few.
So, which of this Colored bulb enhance Broiler performance?
The Answer is, Green Light Bulb And Blue light Bulb.
According to Research 
Broiler reared under green light, have significant enhancement in weight gain as early as 3days of age; this gain was maintained during the entire experimental period.
 Broilers reared under blue light had a later onset of growth enhancement and were significantly heavier than those reared under white and red light at 20 d of age. 
Plasma testosterone levels were significantly higher in birds reared under blue light. 
Breast muscle weights were significantly higher in the birds reared under green light at 23 and 35 d of age. These results suggest that green and blue light stimulate growth.