Wood Shavings VS Saw dust

Wood Shavings VS Saw dust
This Is where we learn from ourself. 
Some people don’t know what to use,  whether to use wood shavings or saw dust. 

wood shavings in the picture above

I would be realistic about this topic. 
Look at your chicken,  do you think it has big nostrils?  
The answer is No,  chicken does not have big nostril. 
Is chicken tall like dog or cow?  The answer is No. 

the picture above is saw dust

I know many people would be asking me why am throwing this questions at them. 
It’s simply because I want us to reason together and get to the right answer. 
Saw dust and wood shavings are both gotten from wood or plank or should I say tree. 
Saw dust is very dusty,  very light,  very tiny,  it can be easily carried by the air. 
Wood shavings is not dusty,  no that light,  it can’t be easily carried by air. 
Saw dust is the crumb that fall when wood are being cut. 
When cutting tree, you will notice some crumbs of tree falling down. 
All these crumbs are what are called saw dust.  They are not useful for anything.
Wood shaving are more like tree,  very different from dust. 
After cutting a tree,  you now notice that you needed the tree for a particular shape,  then you start filing.  
While filing the tree,  the file pieces which are often somehow curve in shape are called the wood shavings. 
They ate gotten from shaving woods. 
If there is a carpenter in your area,  you will see him filing wood with his instrument and you will see the shavings. 
Now which one is good for brooding or any other use involving poultry animals? 
I would recommend wood shavings. 
Saw dust would block the nostril of chicken,  which will lead to reduce feed intake, it could lead to respiratory disease,  and you will spend a lot. 
To avoid this,  use wood shavings. 
Wood shavings can’t block the nostril of chicken. 
Mind you, don’t use dusty feed too. 
Some chicken feed are too dusty too,  please be careful with it. 
Additional note
Saw dust is much cheaper. If you want to use it, treat with formalin a week before needed then spread on floor and wet with combat iodized disinfectant to reduce dustiness.

 For day old chicks, spread paper to prevent consumption of the bedding material