Brooding in close Carton

Brooding in close carton 
We have many articles on brooding on this site Nagro but we are not stopping because we need to keep updating ourself on the new and latest things on agriculture around the globe. 
So we are not talking about the definition of brooding etc. 
This article is for those who want to be cut cost,  those who don’t have much but want to brood. 
You don’t want to buy kerosene or gas or charcoal,  as a matter of fact you don’t want to provide heat source but you want to brood your chicken. 
This can only be done by brooding in a carton .
The type of carton used is Cigarette import cartons.
 2 and half by 4 feet and 3 feet high.
But hey,  you might not have the resources over there but I believe you can get something similar or let me say,  you get the concept. 
Now the next question is how many day old chicks would be in a carton?  
For our model above,  40 birds /carton then 20 till 10-12 days. No rat  problems also. They can’t enter the cartons.
But you can conveniently have 25 Birds /carton till 2 weeks but the heat was to  much at that stage so after 9 days we no longer closed the cartons even at night..
All this depends on weather. We used thermometers to monitor temperature and only closed cartons when it dropped below 20°c.
We used our own corn cobs from our maize as bedding material, our own maize with hybrid concentrate and wheat bran, no charcoal or heat for brooding and no gen or NEPA expenses. 
It was too easy to do the 200 birds we used as pilot study and very low mortality, 5. 
Also no case of coccidiodis throughout and CRD only at 5 weeks after we changed bedding at 4 weeks
This is an experiment that was performed and it was a success and all this are from 
Dr. Ngozi Felicia Anurudu, lecturer at Animal science department, university of Ibadan.

I couldn’t have posted this article without her. 
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