KULI KULI for broilers

KULI KULI for broilers
KULI KULI is a natural growth promoter,  or should I say fattenner. 
As much as I love to listen to other people’s experiment or life experience,  some times I need to say a word or two to add to what has already been said. 
KULI KULI is a product gotten from groundnut,  it’s not a waste at all because the groundnut is converted into something else. Mind you,  groundnut cake is also gotten from groundnut. 
Some people argued that groundnut cake is a waste but I would say no to that idea. 
I know how to extract oil from groundnut,  but let us leave that aside. 
After the extraction of oil from groundnut,  what is left is now fry in hot oil to give KULI KULI, but when it’s not fry,  what you have is groundnut cake. 
How are we going to give out broilers these good nutritious food.  Very simple. 
Groundnut has its season,  what I mean is that there are times when groundnut would be plenty in the Market and there are times when it would be scarce. 
Hey,  save yourself the stress of buying groundnut and etc.  Don’t bother to turn it into KULI KULI or groundnut cake or whatever. 
Look for anybody selling KULI KULI in your area,  tell them to sell you the crunches.  The crunches is the crumbs,  small small Breaking’s of KULI KULI which they can’t sell because people would not want to buy a broken or crunches of KULI KULI. 
So,  this is why you would look for people selling KULI KULI,  tell them to sell the crunches to you,  believe me they would gladly do that because to them it’s a waste and you are helping them turn the waste into money by buying it from them. 
Don’t forget that KULI KULI is gotten from groundnut and groundnut is highly proteinous plus it has oil. 
You can mixed it with your feed or you give them the way it is to your broilers. 
But anytime you give your broilers KULI KULI make sure there is enough water for them to drink. 
The KULI KULI fattens your broiler up and make them bigger