What to do when your chicken start dying

What to do when your chicken start dying
This is a great challenges to many farmers, especially newly and fresh enthusiastic farmers who are eager to make their first million.
What you don’t know is that once you start raising chicken, you need to start watching, observing some things about them. These things are going to be a guide for you and you can predict or say that this is what is affecting your chicken or so.
Feces : Once you see your chicken dying, what you need to observe is their feces, their droppings, their poop, what color is it, is it whitish, greenish, yellowish, is it stained with blood?
Is it a normal poop, a solid with a white cap.
Once you look at their feces, you can tell what is killing your chicken .
For green poop, we have posted article on that on this blog
For whitish poop, we have article on that too
Management : Am I giving them good clean water to drink, am I washing their house regularly, am I cleaning their feeders and cleaners every week? Is the environment and surroundings clean?
Am I feeding them well, is the food for this chicken? Don’t give wrong feed to wrong chicken.
This is another question to ask
Vaccinations and medications : Am I flowing the right medications, anti biotic, multivitamins,
Am I following vaccination program, did I give Lasota, did I give gumboro, when last did I deworm them?
These are the questions you need to ask.. Once you can answer it, then you can proceed to what next to do.
With this, your chicken would not die..