Causes of Prolapse in Chicken and Organic treatment

CAUSES OF PROLAPSE IN Chicken AND THE ORGANIC REMEDY. Many farmers are having this issue on their farm, be it broiler farm or layers (laying chicken) farm and want a remedy to it.
prolapse is when they have a protruted and.
1. Pecking and Cannibalism.
2. Ammonia gas.
3. Heat stress
4. Overcrowding
5. Improper debeaking
6. Too much of protein in feed
7. Too much of fat in feed
8. Poor Ventilation
9. Giving night eating to laying birds
10. Feeding laying birds at late hours
11. Not giving the right gram of feed.
12. Poor Ventilation.
Organic remedy: garlic and Cayenne pepper.
1. Get equal amount of garlic and Cayenne pepper in large quantity. The quantity depends on the volume of juice you are willing to get and the number of birds to be treated
2. Blend them with little water to extract their juices
3. Let it to be thick like milk or 5 alive juice
4. Strain or sieve the extracted juice
Dosage: use 20ml of the extracted juice into one litres of water.