Feed formulation using more than 2 ingredients

Feed formulation using more than 2 ingredients
I know many of you are waiting in anticipation for this since the release of the first article on feed formulation which is titled intro to feed formulation, followed by the second article; feed formulation using two ingredients, and the next article that followed it; feed formulation using Pearson Square method. If you haven’t read those articles, please read them because it contains vital information and I would not have to be repeating myself on what have talked about before.
To formulate feed, I believe you have read the formal articles and I believe you know your ingredients , their nutrients value and their prices in your area.
Now let’s go to business, I want to formulate feed using 5 ingredients
Maize ( because of its high energy and low fibre, if a food contain maize, the chicken would quickly belle full, they would have stamina, they would have some weight and they won’t be hungry every seconds, the food would stay in their stomach. It has 8.3-9%CP. Yellow maize has a 9cp while white maize have 8.3%cp).
Offal ( they are used as fillers, to make the food plenty because it’s very light and any amount you add to the feed would make the feed more plenty, for digestion of feed properly because it has a very high fibre. It’s not good to make feed using only offal, be it wheat offal or rice offal. Note that some people called it bran instead of offal. 
It does not have much energy like maize and it doesn’t stay longer in the stomach like maize, it digest easily and hence it can’t supplements or replace maize . It’s extremely cheaper compared to maize, humans don’t each offal and hence little or no compitition, the reason for it’s lower price. It has 14%CP.
GNC grandnut cake, it’s highly proteinous in nature, it has 45%CP. Many people don’t use it and it’s cheaper compare to Soya. It has the same functions as soya. But people prefer soya.
Soya: Soya contains 45%CP, it’s very costly compare to GNC. It’s always the sources of protein.
Bone meal: This is very expensive because it is used by all farmers. The reason for adding bone meal is because we want our chicken to have strong bone.
Limestone: To reduce cost, limestone is used to replace bone meal but many farmers are still yet to used this in their feed. It’s very cheap. It has no protein, it has high calcium content.
Fish meal. It is very costly, it doesn’t contain any anti nutrition because it’s from animal. The protein is between 65-85%CP.
How do we formulate feed using more than one ingredients.
Now listen carefully, because you might get lost due to calculation.
Let’s say we want to use these ingredients
Wheat offal
Bone meal
And we want to make 100KG
First of all write out the feed and how many quantity you want in the feed like this
Maize 40kg
GNC 10kg
Soya 10KG
Limestone 2KG
Bone meal 3KG
Wheat offal 35KG
Addition of all the feed above would be 100KG.
You are not done yet, we need to check their protein content, check the protein content one after the other, then add whatever you get from the individual feed together to get the total CP of the feed.
Let’s check
Maize 40KG * 8.3 (%CP of Maize)
Let’s Calculate the CP of Soya
Since they contain the same CP
I add them them together and
Do one calculation
Soya & GNC = 20KG * 45
= 9 %CP
Limestone and Bone meal had no CP for us to Calculate
let’s Calculate the CP for wheat offal
Offal = 35 * 14
Now let’s add all the CP together
Maize (3.32) + GNC/Soya (9) + offal (4.9)
= 17.22%CP
That means the formulation above contains
Now, don’t limit yourself, always know the ingredients and their CP
Assuming the final CP is around 14% or less, that means I need to add more of Soya or GNC to boost the CP value. 
The more I add soya or GNC, I need to subtract from either of the remaining ingredients so that it would always remain at 100KG
If the CP is higher, that means I need to subtract or reduce the GNC/ Soya and add to other ingredients like maize , offal, limestone etc so that the CP would reduce and at the same time remain a total of 100KG.
Now that we have 100KG.
The standard is always 100KG, you can divide Each ingredient by 4 to give you 25KG, divide by 2 to give you 50kg Or multiply each by any number to give you whatever KG you wants.
Don’t forget to add fixed ingredients,
Lysine .3% of total feed
Premix .1% of Total feed
Methionine .2% of total feed
Salt is .1%
On this note, I believe you can make your own feed.