Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death You Need To Know

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death You Need To Know

I know you might be thinking if it’s possible for an Animal to live after death. Animals are lucky enough to live even after death. Not all animals live after death, but a few do. Humans are obsessed with immortality. But we’ll never get there!


For years, many people have sought the secret of immortality, but it appears that the animal has beaten us to it. In this article, we will be walking you through 11 Animals that can live even after they have been killed.

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Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death

1. Snakes

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death


Snakes can still kill you even if their heads are severed; the snake’s fangs and lethal poison sacs can still bite you and deliver lethal venom even if the snake’s head is no longer attached to the rest of its body.

The snake has heat-sensitive pits on either side of its face that it utilizes to detect dangers; these heat-sensitive pits can detect a menacing presence even after death. This implies that the snake’s head will continue to defend itself and may attack you if you approach it or pick it up thinking it’s dead.

2. Flatworms

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death

Flatworms and planarians are recognized as masters of regeneration because they can regenerate any part of their body after being amputated. When one is cut in two, the head grows a tail and the tail grows a head. Cut it into 20 parts, and 20 new worms are born, each an identical replica of the first.


Nottingham University scientists took advantage of this by breeding a colony of over 20,000 worms. The astonishing thing is that they are all descended from a single original whose bodies and organs do not appear to age.

They are convinced that a single worm that does not divide will survive eternally unless it becomes infected or suffers from another sickness. So they are practically immortal entities who live among us.

3. Bees

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death

Bees are included on this list because they can sting you long after they have died. So, the key parts of bees that exist after death are their capacity to sting and venom that remains active after death. When a bee dies, it is no longer active in terms of activities and movements. As a result, the bees would require someone’s assistance in order to sting after death.

When a bee stings, the stinger is drawn from the bee’s body and connected to the victim. As a result, the venom is constantly injected into the victim’s body. The stinger, on the other hand, is the most important element of the bee. So it obviously dies, but its stinging ability stays active.

So, whenever you think the bee has perished and has no power to hurt you, think again! A deceased bee’s stinger may still be active, and you may be harmed.

4. Flies

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death

Flies can tolerate subzero temperatures and enter a state of suspended animation. You can freeze them for days, but once warmed up, they will return to normal.

Furthermore, female flies can live for several days after being decapitated; such beheaded females acquire an upright attitude comparable to that of a normal fly and can perform and engage in complicated movements such as preening and flying.

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5. Turtles


When signals from the brainstem fail, the hearts of fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals all have their own pacemaker cells that take over. For whatever reason, it ensures that the heart continues to work even when the brain does not.

But the turtle took it to a whole new level because its heart is cut off from the oxygen and nutrients that are normally delivered by the blood.

Because these species can live for incredibly extended periods of time, up to 5,000 hours in the case of the loggerhead musk turtle. They can survive that long by absorbing oxygen from the water through their skin, mouth, and buttocks.

In addition to their body’s incredible ability to generate energy without the use of oxygen, their hearts have their own fuel supply, and they will not stop until every last drop of it has been depleted.

6. Octopus

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death

After being hacked up, an octopus continues to move. The reason octopuses’ arms retain mobility even after being chopped off is pretty remarkable; it’s due to their unusual central nerve system. The tentacles contain the majority of an octopus’ nerve cells (two out of three).

And these limbs can continue to respond to stimuli even if they are no longer attached to the main brain; in fact, they can continue to respond even after the octopus has died. These motions can continue for up to a week after the octopus has died.

7. Salamanders


Salamander has always been associated with immortality and long life. Salamanders have an amazing ability to regenerate any portion of their body that has been severed.

These regrown components really work the same as, or even better than, the original parts. This is due to a specific protein found in salamanders that aids in cell reproduction. This protein can also be found in humans, albeit at smaller levels.

8. Frogs


It has been revealed that even when their brain is dead, frogs continue to move around. If you keep the frog’s head but remove its brain, a headed but brainless frog behaves quite similarly to a frog with all of its green matter intact.

If you pinch its feet, it will hop away; if you put it in water, it will swim to the side and climb out; and, most astounding of all, if you stroke its back, it will croak intently.

The force of the reflex reaction, which fires the essential electrical impulses that cause a muscle to expand or contract, causes the frog’s zombie-like tendencies. Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death

9. Cockroaches

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death

Cockroaches are known for their resilience and are generally thought to be the most likely critter to survive a nuclear war. They can live without their heads; in fact, they can live without their heads for two weeks. But how do these bugs escape being beheaded?

First and foremost, unlike humans, cockroaches do not bleed profusely when their heads are severed. They have an open circulatory system, which means they have little to no blood pressure, so if their head bursts off, the wound clots naturally.

Second, cockroaches do not need their heads to breathe since they do it through small pores on their bodies known as spiracles.

Although a headless cockroach will eventually die of starvation, it will take weeks for them to do so.

10. Chickens

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death

Yes, chickens can run around with their heads cut off for a very simple reason. The cause is human error. This particular blunder is a butcher’s error. The chicken’s central nervous system is substantially different from that of humans in that several basic biological processes are regulated by sections of the brainstem rather than the brain itself.

So, when the butcher slices the chicken’s head too high, most of the time only the forebrain falls off with the head, leaving the brain stem and cerebellum intact.

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11. Alligators


When alligators are living, they send shivers down the spine. However, the case has not changed since they died. The alligators appear to be dead when temps drop below freezing. They are, however, breathing by a pretty peculiar method.

This way of life is referred to as brumation. As a result, the alligator’s metabolism slows down during brumation. It means that the alligators can go for several months without eating. They would stick their snouts out of the water to breathe while the rest of their bodies would be frozen and they would appear to have died. They are not, however!


So, we’ve reached the end of our list of weird animals that can survive after death. Despite the fact that humans desire immortality and are more intelligent than the aforementioned animals. Nonetheless, nature has endowed these animals with the ability to survive!

Top 11 Animals That Can Live After Death