Tick paralysis in Birds and other Animals

Tick paralysis in Birds and other Animals
Many dont know that tick may also be responsible for inability of animals to walk.
Tick Paralysis often occur in Ducks, Young Cattle, Camels and Dogs.
The signs to look out for are 

The animal cannot walk normally.
The muscle around the chest become paralyzed causing the animal inability to breath.
The body temperature is lower than normal.
Dogs sometimes vomit.
Animal collapse and without treatment may lead to death of the animal.
How did animals get Tick Paralysis?
Animals get tick Paralysis when they are bitten by ticks. The disease is not an infection .
It happens because the saliva of some ticks are poisoneous.
Treatment of Tick Paralysis

Remove Ticks from the animal as soon as possible
Move the animal to a shade.
Changing of animal environment.
Treatment of external parasite whether by bathing or injection.
Control Tick infestation in the envrobment.