The Perfect Chicken grill

The Perfect Chicken grill
I know you must have been thinking of how you would make a grill with your chicken. 
Many people want to enjoy their chicken by looking for other options they can get. 
Chicken is not all about boiling or cooking or adding it to soup and stew.  
There is more to enjoying chicken other than the above listed ways. 
Well,  we don’t want us to run out of options on what to do with chicken, that is why NAGRO want to teach us how to make the perfect chicken grill. 
How do you make a grill? 
The answer to that question is quiet simple. Stay glued to this page and article to find the answer. 
Making s chicken grill is not hard as it may sound, 
First of all is to get or buy the chicken to use for the grill
Remove all the feathers 
Cut the chicken into small pieces that can be sticked 
You are not yet putting it on stick,  but cut it into a stick able meat
Pour your cut chicken into a pot and add spices 
Per boiled the chicken after adding the spices
Now is the right time to be putting them into stick
Put your per boiled chicken into stick
Add dodo , onions, bell pepper (red, green yellow which would have been sliced) along with the chicken in the stick .
When adding dodo etc,  make sure they are well mixed in the stick  so that dodo would not be on one side while chicken would be on the other side.
After putting the chicken in the stick 
Pour vegetable oil (spices must have been added to the vegetable oil) 
Use brush to brush the chicken body on the stick while you add  vegetable oil
After this,  you will take it to the oven. 
The oven to use is your choice,  you can use a local charcoal oven with net spread on it like the one used for barbecue or you can use gas oven,  etc. 
Wait for it to be done and you chicken grill is done. 
This write up and picture is courtesy of Happy Kitchen +2349159720056
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