Snake Trap for Chicken Farm

Snake Trap for Chicken Farm
Well,  we are still going to talk on snake trap for fish farm but today our main focus is on chicken farm.  How do you catch snake or handle snake that threatens the life of your chicken and risk your business. 
It’s quiet simple. 
Whether you like it or not chicken smell,  or should I say body odor flom chicken attracts snakes and snake can travel far from a far place to your farm because of the beautiful food aroma ( chicken smell) •
Chicken farms are often located in the bush because of the smell and I can tell you that chicken don’t smell much unless you have a bad hygiene on your chicken farm. 
Have reared close to 500 layers in my house and I make it a duty to flush their droppings every 5 days,  though it’s a lot of stress on my end but I don’t want a situation where I would be reported to the community. 
Poultry farmers are always lazy about the hygiene of their chicken Farm and as a matter of fact most chicken farm are situated in the bush and surrounded by bushes where we have snakes and other animals. 
So what are we going to do about snakes? 
Isn’t that the essence of this post? 
Well,  we got you covered.  Sit and relax as we talk about how you handle snakes. 
First is clearing up grasses since that is there hideout. Even if your chicken farm is in the bush,  clear the grasses atleast about 100m away from your chicken. 
Second is covering every hole possible in the fence or ground. It might be their house and prevention is better than cure. 
Third Is to ensure that the Chicken  house is totally secure and that there’s no way in for any kind of animal to enter or intrude. 
Fourth is to inspect every inch of the farm every morning after feeding your chicken,  you get all the time to inspect the net around your chicken house, etc
For laying Chicken,  you can boil eggs,  put pin in the eggs and place it at some distance so that if any snake swallow the egg,  the pin trap inside the egg would kill the snake from inside. 
Planting lemon grass limits snake snake invasion, here we are talking about plant to control snakes in your chicken farm. Having a lemon tree at some strategic places of your farm,  may be in the middle of your other land not too far from your chicken farm,  that would keep the away from afar. 
The last but not the least control are chemical control. I use snake blazer sometimes,  it smells a lot and it’s very small,  I pour it in small quantities of water like 1 litres of water, then pour it in small small bottles like coke,  Pepsi plastic bottles in small quantities,  then I place it around the farm in the bushes and around the farm but not too close because of its bad smell.  The smell would repel the snake from that area. 
Don’t forget that the Pepsi cover would be having small small holes,  using nails to put some small holes on the cover of the Pepsi bottle cover,  two to three holes is OK. 
So that when you cover it,  the smell would be coming out from the holes which you made at the cover. 
This snake blazer or repellent can protect your farm for three month and after three month you would pour the blazer or repellent away from the plastic bottles and do another one. 
Well, that’s all