Broiler Vs layer chicken

Broiler Vs layer chicken 
Many people are stuck in the difference between a broiler chicken and a layer chicken. 
That’s because many want to go in to chicken farming business and they have little or not idea about the industry. 
While others may be confuse about it and they needed an elaborate answer. 
Well,  we got you covered as we would be giving you heads up on the topic differences between broiler chicken and layer chicken or let’s say broiler vs layer chicken. 
First of all what is Broiler chicken? 
How does a broiler chicken look like? 
What is layer chicken? 
How does a layer chicken look like? 
Broiler are chicken breed that is genetically made to convert feed into meat while layer chicken are the Breed of chicken that are Made for laying eggs. 
Broiler chicken can also lay eggs after 4-6 months of age but many broiler chicken don’t live up to that age due to fats and other factors while layer chicken would start laying starting from 6 month of age upwards depending on the strain or farm where you get it from. 
Broilers are always having a white feather color while layer chicken often comes in various colors.  
But it doesn’t mean that broilers too don’t have other colors. 
Broilers grow faster and attain maturity after 6weeks while layer chicken would have to stay for months before it reach maturity (maturity is when it start laying eggs) 
These are the few differences we can talk about. 
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