Proper Way of Slaughtering Animals

Proper Way of Slaughtering Animals
Many of Us have been slaughtering animals but we have not been doing it right.
Some of us are even scared of slaughtering animals, people like me are always running away from this particular task but we are the first person to eat it when the animals is done.
Not to worry, this article got your covered.
It is not Human the way we slaughter animal in this country Nigeria.
The right way of slaughtering an animal is to first of all we need to restrain the animal
Restraining of animals means to make the animal not to be able to move, this is done by tieing the hands and legs of the animal. 
After restraining, what we need to do is to stun or make the animals unconscious. 
Stunning of animals is a way of making the animal unconscious or making the animal unaware of what is happening.
There are various ways of stunning animals, we have
Electric ways of stunning, In this method you use electric shock or small voltage to render the animal unconscious.
Gas Stunning: Here you apply gas to the animal and the animal become unconscious
And other stunning methods  ..
When slaugtering animals, you want to make it quick so that the animal would not feel any pain , hence the main reason for stunning.
After stunning of Animals, you can use your gun to shoot off the head, this would make the bring the death faster.
You can use a sharper knife and other tools to seperate the head and the body.
Mind you, some of us will just bruise the neck and we says that we have slaughter an animal, no.
You have to cut something that look like pipe, we call it JUGULAR VEIN. It carries blood from the body to the brain. 
If this pipe like vein is not cut,you have not finished slaughtering of animal.
I cant talk more than this, lets do it the right way always.
Dont forget that the animals have to be placed upside down for some hours , so that the blood would drain off completely and improve the meat quality.