Preservation of Chicken / Poultry Egg

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Preservation of Eggs is a problem to poultry farmers in Nigeria and across the globe. Have tried to read as many articles on the internet so as to do justice to what I want to write, but believe me, the methods on the internet is just a junk of copy and paste materials that will not do any farmer any good.
This article, preservation of chicken eggs is for farmers and intending farms, both on a larger scales and a smaller scales.
How can you tell a farmer having 50 crates or more from his/farm per day to store it in a freezer / refrigerator? Won’t he go bankruptcy? How many refrigerator would he have to buy to store his eggs?
To cut the long story short, all the methods on the web are not for farmers, they are for consumers, those who buy a crates or two and want to preserve it.
Note that farming is garbage in, garbage out. If your egg are not of good quality, it’s not going to last, no matter now hard you try to preserve it, it won’t last long.
How do you know if your egg is of good quality? I am a farmer, and a practical one to say, and I always break an egg at least every third day to see the egg quality.
Once you break the egg, how many minutes does it take the yolk to mixed with the albumen (white) ?
Am assuring you if it doesn’t take a longer time to mixed then it’s not a good quality egg. Let’s say a minimum of 2minutes upwards.
What contribute to egg quality / what affect egg quality /Factors that affect egg quality
1. Feed: if your chicken are not well fed, their egg quality would not be good, if the feed quality is not there in terms of nutrients, it will affect the egg quality
2. Stress : Chicken must be in good psychology before they produce a good egg, most chicken farms are situated in a far place from town, it’s not because of the smell or odour but noises have effects on chicken and chicken production.
3. Noise can cause stress on your birds. They would not concentrate and they may be scared. There by affecting their production.
4. Management : how often do you wash their pen, I do that weekly and I make sure that the surroundings are well kept and no smell. Bad odour affects chicken and it affects production.
5. Water : Egg is made up of water, chicken need good quality water. Non treated, natural water, non dirty colourless water.
6. I always treat my animals like my self, I give them what I drink.
7. And the water must be enough because chicken drinks a lot of water, don’t rationalise water for your chicken.
Medications / Drug : It affects eggs, if you are using drugs on your chicken, it is not advisable to eat or sell the eggs because there would be small traces of the drug in the egg, which will directly or indirectly affects human beings who consume or eat the eggs, apart from that, drug residues also contribute to how fast an egg would spoil. If there is a drug residue in an egg, it may lead to watery eggs, and once the egg is watery, it would spoil quickly.
Withdrawal period is the number of days or takes for the egg to be safe for human consumption. These are the time it takes the drug to wear off from the chicken.
Preservation of Eggs
Look for an open space in your house, farm that is clean, free from sunlight or heat and have a good ventilation.
That is a place to put your eggs, once breeze is blowing, and the sun is not reaching, it would be preserved.
Alternatively, you can do Egg Powder. But that is a lecture for another Day.
Preservation of Chicken / Poultry Egg, preservation of egg, how to preserve egg, factors that affects egg quality, egg quality, egg white, Chicken egg, egg