Differences between Noiler and Broiler

Differences between Noiler and Broiler
This article is for farmers and intending farmers who are afraid of going into farming or find it hard to make a decision as per which birds to rear, broiler or noiler? The differences between broiler and Noiler is highlighted below.
Noiler is a dual purpose breed of chicken, Noiler is an hybrid of broiler and cockerel.
A broiler is any chicken that is bred and raised specifically for meat production. Most commercial broilers reach slaughter weight between four and seven weeks of age, although slower growing breeds reach slaughter weight at approximately 7 weeks of age.
Noiler is genetically stronger than broiler
Noiler had ability to withstand stress than broiler
Noiler has a long life span than broiler.
Noiler is raided for both meat and egg production while broiler is raised for meat alone.
Noilers comes in different colours unlike broilers that come mostly in whites.
Noiler can be feed on kitchen waste and can be left on a free range to fend for themselves while broiler would be raised in closed indoor.
Vaccination of Noiler is not different from other chicken vaccination, talking about broiler, layers, you know you have to give them New Castle Disease Vaccine, Gumboro, Mareks, etc.
Many people are going into noiler farming because it is cheap we than broiler farming, noiler day old chick is cheaper compare to broiler day old chick, That’s why many Nigerians are buying it.
You want a rugged chicken like cockerels but you want it to have meat on their bone like broiler, hence they create noiler.
When it was newly introduce in Nigeria, it was extremely cheap, and now it’s price is chasing broilers price.
Noiler is also called kuroiler