Preparation and cleaning of a Poultry House

Preparation and cleaning  of a Poultry House
We are still going to write on bio security and hygiene to be put or used in a poultry house but first let’s talk about preparation of a poultry house, some of us have already reared chicken in a pen or poultry house before,  and we want to stock another set or batch of poultry animals (chicken). 
 What are we going to do to secure the birds and our investment? 
You can’t just take the chickens inside the poultry house without any preparation. Some people don’t know that we have to prepare the poultry house.  Well now we know. 
Let’s start with the poultry equipment like the drinkers and feeders,  how are we going to clean them?  We can use liquid soap and water to clean the feeders and drinkers, after which we would placed them inside the sun,  why are we putting them inside the sun?  
Soap can kill animal and we can’t tell if there is any residue of soap in the drinkers or feeders,  or may be there are some germs which are not yet washed or killed by the soap,  the sun might kill them. 
Drying in the sun also give you less risk. 
Some people prefer washing with some chemicals which would be discussed later on this write up. 
After washing the drinkers and feeders,  we need to scrub the floor and sweep the floor of the poultry house,  we need to dust the house, remove all dust and dust materials both on the walls,  floor and roof of the poultry house. 
If there is fan in the poultry house,  we need to wash them too. 
In fact let’s wash what can be washed and after washing let’s spray them in the sun for drying and also to kill some other germs too. 
Last but not the least is that,  soap and water cannot kill some germs or diseases in the poultry house,  that is why you need to use some chemicals too, I won’t mention a chemical that cannot be bought in this country Nigeria. 
Chemical used for cleaning poultry House 
Chlorine Solution : soak drinkers and feeders in a chlorine solution (1 tablespoon chlorine bleach Per 1 litre of boiling water) .
Many big farms prefer using this chlorine solution because it is more secure and reliable than using soap,  it kills some bacteria which may be patiently waiting for the next set of chicken that will use it.  Don’t forget to Rinse your drinkers and feeders with a lot of water after removing them from chlorine solution. 
After Rinsing,  put the drinkers and feeders in the sun to dry 
After washing and rinsing of feeders and drinkers,  we would need to wash the floor and walls with chemicals and the chemicals the can be used are not limited to the ones listed but the ones listed can be gotten easily. 
Formalin: Some people think this chemical is used in mortuary but no,  it kills germs and diseases very fast,  just that it some how hot and it affects the eyes,  i don’t know how to describe it but let me try,  itS hot like balm and when using it to wash the floor, you will be feeling as if you put Rob or pepper in your eyes, that’s how close I can explain it’s hotness. 
Please don’t let it touch your eyes or any body part,  I don’t know it’s implication but it’d not an acid,  please protect your eye when using.. I used it to wash my pond because it disinfect. 
Iodine or iodophors: Example are: Batadine, Weladol : Have not used this before so I can’t talk much on it. 
To finish this article,  please let the poultry house remain open for fresh air and ventilation for at least two weeks,  so that the smell of the chemicals would have evacuate the building and the smell could no longer harm your chicken. 
Thank you..