Pen (Poultry House) preparation before arrival of Chicks

Pen (Poultry House) preparation before arrival of Chicks
After you must have clean the poultry house using this link Here
Then we are ready to receive or purchase a new day old chick.
Don’t forget that for your safety,  please use the above link and save yourself the death of your chicks. 
Let’s assume you have done the necessary things. 
Few hours to the arrival of Chicks Or a day to arrival,  please make sure that the poultry house or brooding house is well heated. To do this,  make sure you provide heat to the house either by lantern, charcoal, gas heater,  electricity bulb that produce heat or any other medium you can use to warm the room. 
Make sure the poultry house is well covered,  so that the heat would circulate very well and no external breeze or air is coming in. 
The room should be well heated and the heat must have circulate evenly round the house. 
Make sure the flooring materials like wood shaving,  news paper etc are not wet,  make sure the floor are well covered with flooring materials. The flooring materials act as a bed materials for the chicks and prevent direct contact with the floor which may also be cold. So,  using the flooring materials also give them warmth. 
Make sure the feeders are filled with food and are placed equally around the poultry house, so that they would be no dominance among the chicks or cases where come chicks would be too crowded in a place than others thereby causing mortality of chicks.
Make sure you prepared a combination of Milk powder and glucose for the chicks to drink instead of ordinary water and placed it equally around the house for easy access to the chicks. 
The essence of giving them milk and glucose is to boost their strength because any little stress would like the chicks,  and we don’t know the stress they have already gone through before they reached your farm.  So it’s very important to give them milk and glucose the first day or arrival. 
Unpack the carton carefully and bring out the day old chicks one by one. 
Pick the chick and place them in the feeder,  teach them how to eat, put their mouth in the drinkers and teach them how to drink. 
Do this for some chicks and other chicks will follow and they all would start eating and drinking. 
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