Causes of Shell-less egg in Laying Chicken and solutions

Causes of Shell-less egg in Laying Chicken and solutions 
Some would rather ask why is their layers eggs with no shell?
The answer is because the feed you are giving your chicken or laying chicken is lacking Calcium or the level of calcium in the feed is too low and could not meet the level of calcium needed by the laying chicken. 
When a chicken is laying egg,  it needed calcium for itself and it needed calcium for the egg. 
I don’t want to go deep into how do chicken needed calcium for itself but lets sight an example,  if the weight of the chicken is heavy than what the leg can carry,  the chicken would become lame or would not be able to walk..  
This is an example of the chicken needing the calcium for itself. For strong bones.
Like I said, the reason for chicken egg having no shell or a laying chicken laying a shell-less egg is simply because there is no calcium in the feed or the Calcium level in the feed is very low and the chicken would not source for calcium from anywhere. 
In most cases,  the Chicken would convert some of its body calcium and use them for the egg thereby causing some other issues for the chicken and as time goes on the chicken would no longer remove calcium from its body because there is none and so the egg later my the chicken would be shell-less. 
What are the solution to shell-less egg? 
It’s simple,  it’s ether you change your feed 
You buy calcium and add it to their drinking water 
You can buy calcium from anywhere they are selling animal drugs like vaccine etc. 
You go to any feed mill near you, a feed mill is where they compound feed for chicken.
Buy limestone or bone meal,  grind it in the feed meal,  go home and mixed it with the feed you are feeding your chicken. 
You will see result in few days..