How to pick breed for semen extraction

How to pick breed for semen extraction:
Matching genotype to phenotype: One should ensure that the desired crossbreed can survive or easily adapts to the prevailing environment and is productive.
It is important to note that high-yielding animals can be reared but will require intensive management that comes with huge financial requirements to ensure the desired outputs are realised.
However, in situations where a smallholder farmer is keen on undertaking AI services, then one must consider the prevailing environment as well as the production systems in place before selecting the desired bull’s genetic material.
#Dystocia: This is a condition commonly associated with difficulties in calving. The common cause of dystocia is a small-framed cow trying to give birth to a large calf. 
For example, the common Small East African Zebu, which is typically small-framed inseminated with Holstein Friesian or the improved Kenyan Boran semen would be recipe for disaster.
However, the Boran x Angus cross would pose no difficulties in calving for a Boran cow.