How to get rid of supplier / Middlemen in Poultry Hatchery and DOC business

How to get rid of supplier / Middlemen in Poultry Hatchery and DOC business
How i wish people would read this note and see one or two insight from it.
The Hatchery and middlemen (supplier) are directly or indirectly in a symbiotic relationship.
In symbiotic relationship, the two parties involve benefits from each other.
How do they two parties benefit?
How are they directly or indirectly in a relationship?
First,let us know that most and not all middlemen (supplier) are workers in the hatchery, so they know their way around the farm and they can get you what you want faster.
The middlemen are still the one that would do the Major Marketing for most hatcheries.
 Most hatcheries dont spend money on publicity, their new product or breed informations don’t get to the last farmer. 
Their current price etx don’t get to the last Farmer.
It is this middlemen (supplier) that get the informations to the last farmer, the introduce new breed and product to the last farmer.
 In short, they are doing a double Work. When the big boss in the hatchery are busy gulping money meant for publicity and Farmers awareness.
Most Hatchery don’ t have a functional website where farmers can book , even if they do. 
Would they give you what you want? Am Ordering for a Carton of broiler and another person is ordering for a thousand carton. Who do you think they would firstly listen to?
In the case of middlemen, it doesn’t matter the number of Carton you want, they would get it for yoou.
Can you come all the way from maiduguri to buy just a carton?
Now, we now have chains and chains of middlemen. What do i mean?
We have joined middlemen.
A non worker affiliating himself as middlemen, a man that collect all the orders from everyone and order from the inside middlemen.
 After ordering, he now has to start sending it to everyone irrespective of their location. Do you think it is easy?
The middleman you know works at farm A amd you want a chick from Farm Z, he would still call and move mountains to get you what you want.
The Job of a middleman is not easy, and the hatchery can not do without them because they are not getting paid for their selfless service.
We have bad middlemen and we have good middlemen. 
The bad ones are the ones spoiling the name of the hatchery, they may went to buy chicks from unknown source and add them to the ones you order. 
They shuffle it like 30 good ones from good farms and 20 bad ones from bad farms. Just to make Money.
Believe me, if you go to hatchery to buy chicks, you will never want to go there again. Simply because of the stress involve.
And we are all here blamming middlemen.
We can not get rid of middlemen, unless the hatchery make provisions on the above key note.
May be creating a sector for marketing,  transportation and delivery of chicks.
Work more on their site and publicity.