Everything is not herbal

Everything is not herbal
This writeup is definitely going to be a shock for some people, but trust me i believe you have a shock absorber to absorb the shock.
Those who always visit thos blog daily have nothing to loose, because they are updated with everything they needed to know and what will benefit them.
Everything is not herbal in poultry .
If you dont know the herbal way, stick to the way you know.
Herbal might be the future but right now, we need it with other things
You want to go into broiler farming and you want to do 100 percent herbal, How do you intend to get profit when your produce would look extra small?
Before you go herbal on your farm, atleast make sure you start with non herbal.
What do i mean?
You want to rear broiler 
Before going herbal on broiler, you must have administer first dose of New Castle vaccine amd Gumboro.
Approximately, you start herbal at 3weeks . 
The first 3 weeks , you are doing non herbal.
Then 3 weeks, you start herbal.
Herbal means organic..
I dont want to talk much..