Difference between Local and Foreign Turkey

Difference between Local and Foreign Turkey
For those of us that want to know the difference, well we would try and do justice to it in this article.
Is not that the foreign turkey or imported turkey as some farmers may call them, its not that these turkey enter Plane amd travel down to this country. NO
Its just that we have their parent stock in this Country, and we have been able to make them feel at home, we have been able to make these imported turkeys comfortable by meeting their requirement and at the same time giving them all so that this climate would be favourable for them.
So, whats the difference between local turkey and imported turkeys? 
They are both turkeys
The local turkeys are just like local chicken, very resistance to disease while the foreign / imported turkeys are like broilers, they are not that resistance to disease.
The local turkeys might not be vaccinated while the foreign turkeys must not miss their vaccinations.
The Local Turkey are not big when compared to foreign turkey which are always bigger in size when they reach maturity.
The local turkeys eat anything you give them while the foreign turkey needed a formulated feed for better performance and growth .
This article would be developed in time but this is what we can say for now