Handling of Grasscutter

Handling grasscutter
Unlike other animals grass cutter is not handled anyhow there is a special way of handling or lifting it up for such reasons as checking the gestation, weight, or during transfer from one den to another, this is called manipulation.
    The first is by the tail, it’s to be noted that not just anywhere by the tail but a little above where the tail join the hip about 2cm from the hip area. 
It is not to be too close to the hip or too far from it any where too far or too near can result to cutting of the tail.
    The second is by the hind legs. Still holding the animal by the tail and letting its feet rest on the floor and catch her by the hip from the back.
At this juncture, I must confess to you. 
Handling grasscutter is not an easy task; they can be harmful if not properly handled. The mode of handling depends greatly on their size.
To handle a young grasscutter:
It is first lifted with its tail and holding the base of its tail and then grabbing its back slightly with the other hand. The animal is therefore turned to its back while its tail is stretched out at the same time.
To handle a medium sized grasscutter:
This is quite technical; the animal is lifted with its tail and supported by grabbing the back with the other hand so that the weight is not much on the tail. The animal is then turned to its back.
To handle a large grasscutter:
This cannot be lifted easily so it is recommended to handle it with aid of a squeeze cage.