Management of laying Chicken (layers)

Do you have laying chicken, layers or you intend to go into laying chicken business and you don’t know it’s management, here is a good start to learn about their routing management.
1. Feeding them very early.
2. Giving them quality feeds
3. Good management system
4. Biosecurity measures (nobody should just be entering your farm to avoid disease outbreak, washing of hands with soap and water before and after visiting chicken.
5. Maintaining lightning pattern of 13 to 15 hours to maintain egg production
6. Don’t give night eating to a laying birds. It can leads to prolapse and high mortality
7. Giving them the right gram of feed(i.e 125gram). For 200layers, they will consume one bag of feed per day(i.e 25kg)
8. Rub feeding
9. Reduce heat stress and dehydration by giving them vitaminC or electrolyte
10. Control pilfering
11. Vaccinate them against Newcastle disease every 21days
12. Deworm them every 6weeks
13. Giving them antibiotics every 8weeks
14. Proper ventilation