Importance of Sunlight in Poultry

Importance of Sunlight in Poultry
Have tried and tried to see if i can see something similar or related to this topic on the internet, but lo and behold, I couldn’t find any.
Every one was busy talking about the effects of light on chicken which we know already and those who dont know will know that too much of light increase aggression in chicken which may lead to Cannibalism.
But nobody talks about the importance of sunlight.
Someone is asking if poultry needed the sunlight for production of cholophyll?  Or do they needed the Vitamin C?
Well, Chickens are not trees or plant that would need the Sunlight for photosynthesis.
Why then is the Sunlight important?
The Sunlight is needed for drying up the poultry droppings. if you notice, poultry droppings are sometimes watery and sometimes solid. 
But without sunlight the droppings would not be dried up and this will increase the smell in the poultry House.
 The wind alone is not enough to dry thr droppings.
The Sunlight help to keep disease at Bay, Disease like Coccidiosis, E.coli etc strive well in a wet and dampy areas, but with sunlight drying and killing off their seeds with the its heat. 
Such disease are kept at bay or should i say at a minimal Level.
The Sunlight help to dry poultry equipments after washing.
Sunlight is a very vital factor in poultry as birds are naturally photoperiodic. This has shown technocally the degree of their sensitivity to light.
 it hasting maturity and egg prduction span by acting on the responsible hormones hence the pensive need to suplement light during  of 4 hours max in longer nights shorter days will shed more light after the initiator
The importance of sunlight are not limited to this three but let us make sure that the sunlight is reaching the floor .