Egg yolk and Color

Egg yolk and color: Due to the price of feed ingredients, many farmers are forced to closed down, many don’t know what to do and others are giving out low quality feed for their chicken and these affect egg yolk color.
egg yolk color
Many buyers don’t want to buy eggs from farmers whose egg quality is not good. This is the reason why many farms and big feed industry uses egg yolks coloration.
Do we really need it? Adding synthetic egg yolks coloration to chicken feeds, have you thought of the side effects on both consumers and birds?
Look no further.
Farmers can adjust Egg yolk color through the chickens’ diet.
What affects egg yolk color?
Carotenoids affects egg yolk color
There are two classes of carotenoids:
1. Carotenes, which tend to produce reddish colours, and
2. Xanthophylls, which produce yellow shades.
Yolk Color and meaning, egg yolk color comparison, Yolk colour and feed ingredients : all these are discussed beloW
Deep Orange
Caused by carotenoid-rich Feed ingredients and is more common and available in Carrot, tomatoes , eggs from these chickens are more likely to be deeper orange in color. As long as chicken feed contains the nutrients that trigger orangeness, the yolk will turn out this deeper egg-laying hen might be fed tomato powder instead, which would provide the red pigment lycopene, or paprika, which contains the red xanthophyll capsanthin.
You can buy a lots of carrots, slice them into pieces, dried them in a close open air place where the sun cannot reach, after its dried, use blended to blend it.
After it is turn to powder, then add it to your feed to improve the quality I.e change yolk color
Mid-orange to golden yellow
Hen diets heavy in green plants, yellow corn, alfalfa and other plant material with xanthophylls pigment (a yellow-orange hue) will produce a darker yellow-orange yolK. This is the most common color yolk we see in eggs available.
Diets lower in xanthophylls, such as feeding regimens that consist of mostly wheat, white cornmeal or barley produce pale yellow yolks.
As a farmer, please we can work more on the colouration.
These are organic Yolk coloration, organic way of changing egg yolk colour.