Green poop in Chicken and Treatment

green poop in chickens and treatment
Many farmers goes into farming because they said it is lucrative, many goes into it after a day, a week or a month seminar without having a full knowledge of it. Many others go into it after working as an attendant in a farm, they think they know it all.
The truth is you don’t know it all, green poop / green feces / green diarrhea in chicken is due to so many factors which is not limited to one nor restricted to one.
I did animal disease as a project back in 2011 and have been running away from poultry ever since because it’s a 50/50 business.
causes of green poop / green feces/ green diarrhea in chicken and treatment
1. New castle disease : it’s a viral disease of poultry that is very common in Nigeria, it spread faster among chickens and can kill them all within 15 days if care is not taken.
Solution to this disease is to always prevent it’s occurrence or outbreak by giving your chicken Lasota (an anti viral vaccine to boost their immunity against the disease in case there was an occurrence) it’s always repeated in birds. Layers, laying birds are vaccinated every month against it so that they can perform very well. While broilers will be vaccinated twice or thrice before selling, depending on the age you want to sell it off.
You can use Tagiri (Christmas Melon) as organic treatment against new castle disease.
The best Way to know your birds are not having new castle disease is when they are turning their head (star gazing).
2. Stress: What causes stress in chicken is not limited to ventilation, ventilation refers to the movement of air in and out of your poultry house, that is why if you have been to poultry farm, you would see that the house is covered with net from up till down.
Make sure there is adequate flow of air in and out of the poultry house.
2B. Temperature : Hot whether condition can induce stress on chicken , chicken are very difficult to manage during hot whether because they would not eat, And if they don’t eat they would die. High temperature also kills them because they don’t have anti stress organ (sweat gland) to produce sweat so that it would cool their body.
This can be treated by adding or giving multivitamin to your chicken regularly, don’t feed your in the afternoon, from 12pm – 4pm withdraw feed from them, only multivitamin should be giving to reduce stress, continue feeding them 4pm and make sure you supply light for them at night to eat, so as to cover for the loss time they didn’t eat in the afternoon. Light out around 9pm, 9.30pm depending on you.
3. Worms : internal worms can cause your chicken to have green poop, the drug to use will be giving to you once you got to any vet clinic.
4. Mareks Disease: This is also known as free range paralysis disease, it is believed that hatchery must have given them this vaccine before selling, hence one of the best reason to buy your chicken from reputable farm.
You can also give them the vaccine at 3 weeks old as preventive measures against this disease.
Note: Don’t practice self medication on your birds, what works for Me A, may not work for Mr B,
Only listen to your vet doctor because it’s their field.
I don’t want to list drugs here because it’s not the right thing to do.
If you use the wrong drug on your birds it might affect their performance especially laying chicken, broilers can take whatever drug they want, after all na to kill them but in laying birds, it can halt their egg production for some weeks or even months.
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