Chicken heat and egg

Chicken heat and egg
Heat is very good and very bad for birds and management of heat in chicken is very important aspect of chicken only few people knows about.
Chicken heat, chicken needed heat during brooding, brooding is when you supply heat to chicken when they are still young till they grow feathers and they no longer needed the heat because when they grow feathers, their body would be generating a lot of heats
chicken heat
What many don’t understand is that Chickens don’t have sweat gland and so, any small stress or heat will lead to disease and eventually death.
Heat causes or lead to stress in birds and it must be well managed.
Chicken and heat stress are very important in poultry, because you want optimal results from your birds.
Will chickens lay eggs in the heat? Chicken lay eggs in heat period if it’s well managed. Heat causes stress in chicken and so, it causes reduction in egg production. Chicken don’t lay much eggs in heat period, Heat affects their egg production.
Do chickens stop laying eggs in the heat? I think we have spoken about it just above.
If it’s not properly managed, they may not lay egg at all. So chicken can stop laying eggs in heat or if the heat is too much and can lead to death because they won’t be able to handle the stress.
chicken heat stress symptoms
This involve panting, breathing heavily, raising of the feathers for air to breathe, Using their mouth to breath, Vomiting water, staying away from feed.
The best practices is to give them multivitamin and add vitamin C to their feed to reduce stress and help them to perform better