Chicken diseases

Chicken diseases or poultry disease are numerous and this book cannot contain them all but we are going to talk about most chicken diseases, treatment and symptoms.


Chickens disease vary from one place to another but we have some that are very common from places to places.
Chicken disease are group, which are
In order to prevent viral disease, there is vaccines which are given to birds to boost their hormone and prevent the disease out break
List of viral diseases are
Avian Influenza
Avian Encephalomyelitis
Avian Leukosis/Sarcoma
Chicken Infectious Anaemia
Fowl Pox
Hemorrhagic Enteritis
Inclusion Body Hepatitis
Infectious Bronchitis
Infectious Bursal Disease
Infectious laryngotracheitis
Israel Turkey Meningoencephalitis
Lymphoproliferative disease of turkeys
Marek’s Disease
Newcastle Disease
Poult Enteritis Mortality Syndrome
Runting and Stunting Syndrome
Swollen Head Syndrome
Turkey Rhinotracheitis
Viral Arthritis/Tenosynovitis
Goose Parvovirus
Nutritional disease : These are disease cause by lack of adequate nutrient in feed
Fungi disease : They are caused by Fungi
chicken diseases weak legs treatment: Disease that causes weak legs includes mareks disease and lack of Calcium . 
Treatment is done by giving Mareks vaccine at 3 weeks for Mareks disease and for treatment of lack of Calcium you give them calcium injection
chicken diseases that affect humans are called zoonotic disease, these include Psittacosis , Avian influenza, Salmonellosis.
 Avian influenza is a virus and it has no cure while the other can be treated with a strong antibiotics.