Cannibalism in chicken

Cannibalism in chicken
Well some people are looking for the right answer to this question while others don’t understand the question. 
Let me give you the concept and simple explanation without a particular definition. 
Cannibalism is when a chicken is been attack by another chicken or a group of chicken. 
This can happen due to some factors which we would be discussing below. 
Factors / Reasons that causes Cannibalism And Solution
Cannibalism are not limited to the following 
Management: This refer to the management aspect of chicken farm which include adequate spacing of birds,  if chicken are too packed in a small space, there is tendency for the to attack one another or the strong ones to attack the weak ones. 
Separating strong from the weak, this is also an aspect of management because the stronger chicken would deprive the weak chicken from eating or drinking thereby making them weak and eventually they peck the weak chicken and kill it. 
When you don’t Debeak  your chicken as at when due, they would wound them self with their beak. 
So to avoid cannibalism please always Debeak your chicken at least 4 month interval. 
Light: When you are too much in a hurry for your chicken to grow by given them excess lightening,  your chicken would be so aggressive that they would start fighting one another over any small issues. 
The only way is to reduce light and allow your chicken to have a lot of time to sleep. 
They would come back to normal before a week. 
Food: When the salt in their food is not too much or it’s too much,  they would start cannibalism. 
Always look for good food and give your chicken and if you are to compound feed for your chicken,  always follow the require salt recommendation for your chicken. 
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