Other bedding materials you can use for brooding

Other bedding materials you can use for brooding 
Many don’t know that there are other bedding materials apart from the ones we knew. 
The reason being that most of what we are going to talk on this article are not everywhere or they can’t be easily seen around. 
I heard about them from other farmers,  have not used them myself.  But believe me, what is popular in an area might not be available in another. 
So let’s go. 
1. Corn cobs 
crushed corn cobs are free, more absorbent and doesn’t cause harm internally of accidentally ingested by chicks. Sundry for a day and spread three days before chick arrival and spray thoroughly with combat disinfectant. 
Don’t change litter anytime after birds are 4 weeks old. It tends to precipitate CRD. Change litter at 3 weeks the turn or add to litter after this.
2.  Rice shaft 
3. Sugar cane peel
4. Sharp sand
There is no much details about the above list and article but I believe you can explore