How to make your Chicken lay bigger eggs

How to make your Chicken lay bigger eggs
This is what most farmers wanted and I don’t blame the farmer for wanting his chicken to lay bigger eggs. 
I blame the market,  I blame the marketers and I blame the consumers.  They are the ones pushing the farmers to look for something to make the egg bigger. 
The same reasons why the above people wanted bigger chicken,  but at the end, they got a non healthy chicken because of how big it is. 
A healthy chicken doesn’t mean small chicken,  but when you want an eye catchy type of chicken,  what do you expect?  
Some would inject the chicken to make it bigger, others would look for non organic way to make the chicken extra large. 
Yet,  we are looking for organic chicken… 
Wait, that is a topic for another day. 
The main reason for this post is to make your egg bigger and attractive in the market because that is what people wanted to see and buy. 
 Whether big eggs or small egg,  it contain the same nutrients. 
Disadvantages of bigger eggs is that your chicken might die or have a vent tear as a result of big eggs which the chicken is laying. 
Well, the secret you have been waiting for is here. 
To make your chicken lay bigger eggs,  add methionine to your feed. 
Make sure you have plenty methionine in your layer feed. 
If you are using a ready made feed,  you can buy methionine and add it to the feed before giving it to your chicken. 
The quantity is what I can’t say,  but you can try out the experience and experiment.  
Then come back and tell us your testimony. 
Have done it before in my farm and am giving it out to you. Freeeeeeeee