Noiler Vs Layer chicken which is good for Egg business?

Noilers Vs Layers which is good for Egg business?
This is a question many farmers want to ask and those who has the intention of going into laying chicken business to sell eggs.



Those who want to make profit are having difficulty choosing between NOILER chicken and layers for their business.
Many false prophet are so many in the agriculture business and they try to confuse investors just to exploit them of money and waste their time.
Well,  the truth is what you are going to read from this article.
We have a lot of post on NOILER as a chicken and we have a lot of post on layers too.
So there is no need for further explanation,  let’s go to the business but for those who still need little explanation please read All about it from this blog.
NOILER is not a breed of animal for the  purpose of laying eggs
While layers are for that purpose only .
which is to lay eggs and eggs alone.
NOILER has featured of broiler and cockerel because it’s an hybrid of both,
Which means NOILER is for meat and disease resistance.
 Although after reaching maturity,  the female ones lay egg.
But let me be straight with you,  broilers also lay eggs.
But people are seeing NOILER like a laying purpose chicken which is not so.
 Just because of their local traits or characteristics which they posses doesn’t mean they are for the purpose of egg production.
According to statistics and research, NOILER chicken lay about 150 eggs per year while
Layer chicken lay about 300 eggs per year.
With the above statistics and research,  I don’t need to tell you which one is good for laying business .
The choice is simply yours to make.