Converting Fish Pond to Poultry House

Converting Fish Pond to Poultry House
Many people have tried many business but are not yet fulfilled,  so they need to try out other things as well. 
The same thing applies to who have an abandoned fish pond but want to utilize it for something else. In this post we want to look at how a pond might be converted to a poultry house. 
It’s not that hard at all. 
You know we have earthen pond and concrete pond. 
To convert earthen pond,  that is most simple to do.  Just covered the land with soil. 
You can level the ground and start afresh be erecting a poultry house on it. 
Though you might not be able to convert it back to a fish pond. 
For those who has a concrete pond and want to convert it to a poultry house. 
You can look for something to cover the pond while you use it like that,  using it like this means that the cover must not be something permanent,  so that you could shift it a bit to enter the pond,  to give your chicken food and water 
That above is option 1
Using the above option,  you can still use your pond for fish any time you want. 
The cover might be a carpentry work with a wire mesh like that of chicken or a roof that can easily be move or with some part of the roof with opening for entering. 
If it’s a small pond,  you can put pan on it for covering. And you shift the pan anytime you want to give them food and water. 
But what about heat?  
This method would be best for brooding because it would save cost of providing heat source for your day old chick. 
Option 2
Break small portion of the pond to make an entrance just like a normal door way. 
While you construct a full poultry house on it.  I believe you must have been to a poultry house before, you know that we always have 2-3 couch of block while the rest of the building is wire mesh.  The option 2 concept is to do something like this. 
Dug a hole in the for corners and put a pillar for the poultry house you want to construct,  not far from the corners of the pond. 
With the four pillars,  you construct a poultry house on an existing fish pond. 
But once you do this,  you can’t convert it back to fish pond again ..