Importance of Light in Laying Chicken

Importance of Light in Laying Chicken
Light is important in poultry Farming and when we talked about layers or laying chicken, they needed light.
What exactly do Laying chicken needed light for?
Light must not be too much in poultry house, excess light will cause your chicken to be aggressive and lead to high cannibalism.
Do you know that, for a chicken to produce an egg, it takes nothing less than 25-26hours.
If you could look at that, that is a day and one Or two  hour Before an egg is produced.
If you dont provide them with enough but not excess light, it would make it possible for the chicken to continue eating and lay eggs.
How Many Hours of Light do Layers Need?
Laying chicken need 14 – 16 hours of light per day.
How would you do that?
Make sure you have an external source of light on your Farm, so that you csn give your laying chicken extra light till around 9pm at night before you swtich it off.
And switch on light for your Chicken at 6am.
With these you can keep up with the 25 -26hours of egg production per day.