Uses of Egg Shell

Uses of Egg Shell
Egg shell is very useful in its own way, as a matter of fact, many poultry waste can be use somewhere else.
We all knew how nutritive an Egg is, The Shell from an egg has its usefulness which we would be talking about in this article for people to know and learn.
Egg shell Contain Calcium
Calcium is use for Strong bone .
Domestically Egg shell can be use to wash black pots, removing the black or charcoal stained black pot.
 This is done when Egg shell Is collected, dried and crushed into powdering form, after crushing into powdering form, it is now mixed with any detergent to wash anf remove black stained at the back of cooking pot. It is effective in his own little Way.
In Snail Farming, Egg shell are crushed, mixed with snail food for strong shell.
In poultry, it is used in feed to supplement or use as a source of Calcium. For strong Bone .
Limitations of Egg Shell.
It is not easy to come by because egg is very costy In Nigeria now
It is needed in bulk  if it were to be used.
It is a waste, many people dont know the uses.