Future Prospect of Local Chicken (100% profit)

Future Prospect of Local Chicken (100% profit)
This is for you, if you want to make more money, this is for you if you own a hatchery, this is for you if you are a poultry farmer.
Change is an inevitable substance that happen. The english might look bad or rough, yeh but lets rock and roll.
The rate at which there is high price of DOC in the market its alarming, its not coming down anytime soon.
The Market is still crawling to meet the standard due to the economic crisis.
Explaining what i said above, the consumers are still looking for a good bird they can buy with their usual 2k. They just dont want to spend more than their usual 2k on chicken. Where are we going?
The price of feeed is on high side, the price of chicks is very high. The price of drugs is crawling towards the top and thr profit of thr farmer is going along with the feed and other expenses.
Back in those days, 10-15years ago.  People are somehow novice to the poultry business, the government spend a lot to create an awareness. 
The government would give the civil servants broilers to rear and if they like it, they can buy from a particular farm etc. Then the broiler color are not white as it seems today, they are more like 2 color or multicolor.
Fast forward till today, the government has no business with agriculture. Everyone is looking for audio money, fuel money etc. Then covid come and scatter the floor.
This is what happen when beverage drinks like Coca cola plastic bottle price increase from 100 to 120, people drastically go back to tge old ways of doing things, the usual bottle. Whew, what a relief.
This is what is about to happen to poultry industry, some people are alrewdy leaving the business.
What alternative do we have?
Local chicken is the next alternative.
The hatchery saw this comming, they introduce Noiler chicken. 
A new breed with the trait of a broiler and a cockerel combined in one chicken. Disease resistance and meat production.
And now, our saviour Noiler is now competing with broiler in price.
Why do local chicken? Lets know one or two things about local chickens
You can argue it out if you like, you spend little no non on feed because they fed on kitchen left overs, so this is zero input.
They are good for organic farming 
They are resistance to disease.
You can have a build cage or house for them and you can decide to run it on a full time extensive.
 Where you just lesve them to fend for themselve.
But for maximums profit, a semi intensive system is the best .
You creat a garden for them or a range for them to walk around, and they eat left overs from your chicken, they eat throwaway foods .. So, no wastage of food.
Though, they may take 8 month or more to reach maturity, i believe we can wait .
They lay eggs and incubate it on their own, the bring out young youngs and you have your house full of chicken in no time.
You can start with 3 femal chicken (hen) and one male chicken (cock).
Within a year, if each chicken lay and gatch 7 chicken, you should be hsving 21 chicken as offsprings and a total of 25 chicken in your farm.
After a year , you should be able to start cashing out.
Though local chicken are very stubborn and not easy to catch. 
They have a good taste in food.
I think this is the future of poultry farming in Nigeria, if the government would not do the needful.
These post is all about local chickens..