Enhancing Broiler Growth with Blood Meal

Enhancing Broiler Growth with Blood Meal
Have you ever use blood meal for your broiler before?
Blood meal is not as hard to prepare as many people might think.
Blood meal is highly proteineous and it is almost readily available everywhere.
You can go to abbatoir and buy blood of the cow or animals they kill. 
Its not free but it is a cheaper source of protein compare to fishmeal ,gNC and Soya .
Nutrient Composition of Blood Meal

The chemical composition of the dried blood meal was 92% dry matter, 80% crude protein, 8.5% total ash, 1.2% ether extract, 1.3% crude fibre, 9% nitrogen free extract, 0.28% calcium, 0.25% phosphorus, 1.98% sodium chloride and 2850 Kcal kg-1 metabolizable energy.Almost all essential amino acids was present in blood meal.
How do you prepare blood meal?
After buying or collecting Fresh blood
 Boiled it at 100°C for 45 min and then 
Dried in an hot air oven at 55°C for 6 days .If you dont have oven , you cam dry it in the sun but it might take longer days to dry
Ground into meal / Powder . You can use your blender to grind it or a morta and pestle.
Adding it to your broiler feed
Add 0.5kg or 500g of the powder to 25kg of feed.