Automatic Vs non automatic poultry drinkers

Automatic Vs non automatic poultry drinkers
Here we are again to enlighten ourself on one or two things about poultry.  Today we are looking at the good and bad of automatic drinkers and non automatic poultry drinkers. 
Automatic drinkers are the drinkers which are used in but big and small farms where water would be passed through water pipe and at some particular junctions or at a particular fixed distance a nipple would be put. 
The nipple would be there for the chickens to nip or drink from. 
The nipple doesn’t waste water unless it is spoilt
For you to use an automatic water drinkers there must be water availability on the farm site if not it would not be easy to run an automatic water drinkers. 
It’s not as if it uses electricity or any mechanical medium before the water can pass through the pipe.. 
The water would passed through a central bigger storage,  the bigger storage would be at a high level above the ground to allow pressure build up,  and because of the pressure there would be easy flow of water in between those pipes. 
Water would enter the chicken mouth the moment they put their beak at the nipple. 
While non automatic poultry drinkers is the traditional drinkers where you would put water in a bowl or the usual drinkers and chicken would drink from the bowl or drinker. 
Some people consider the non automatic poultry drinkers stressful because your chicken might drink the water finish before you could do one or two things and it might get your ass settle on the farm all day.  You don’t know when their water would finish. 
Non automatic poultry drinkers saves water a lot than automatic poultry drinkers. 
Non automatic poultry drinkers would allow you to know the litres of water consume by your chicken daily while in automatic poultry drinkers you might not know the litres of water consume daily. 
Automatic poultry drinkers is expensive to set up and to maintain because at times the pipe might be block and you would need to change it
Unlike non automatic poultry drinkers which can’t be block because it’s opens and you can easily wash it. 
Automatic poultry drinkers is not easy to wash. 
Automatic poultry drinkers make the poultry work easy,  you open the central water control and the water runs 24/7 . 
Your major concern is the feed and you have plenty of time to do other things. 
Have work in poultry farms and I have my farms also,  I know how water can be stressful. 
Automatic poultry drinkers also prevent them from defecating in their water which is very common in non automatic poultry drinkers 
Please this is just the little we can say on the topic.. Please drop your comments..